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who are we?

Crank Media is a global entertainment company based out of Vancouver, Canada. The Crank team is comprised of talented individuals with years of collective experience in diverse creative spaces. At Crank, we have fostered a culture of creation and innovation and we put those beliefs at the forefront of everything we do.



Crank Music, a record label for singer-songwriters and bands, is committed to supporting talented artists as they craft their narratives and fine tune their melodies.

Street Corner Records is a record label and division of Crank Music. Street Corner is dedicated to showcasing and supporting emerging musical talents that range from urban to pop.

Livin Large Music is a rap focused record label, influenced by the dynamic industry and culture of the genre. Livin Large has created a relevant platform for underground rap artists to build their careers.

Tommy Charles




Country savant Tommy Charles discovered his passion for singing at the age of 12. He took the traditional route by participating in amateur shows, competitions, in addition to singing in a Big Band, and the Mountain Choir in Mont-Saint-Hilaire.

615 Boys




The next generation country boy band.
Currently in development.

final state




Having seen success over the past years in the Province of Quebec, with all their singles reaching the top of the Quebec radio charts, Final State is ready to go worldwide. Known for its strong musical hooks and festive performances, this talented young Canadian band now aims for international recognition with this forthcoming album and has the potential to succeed. With the 200+ shows they played in Canada and in the United States over the past three years, Final State has become one of the most promising and upcoming Canadian acts. Their unique musical vibe, catchy songs, and incredible live performances have made them, without a doubt, a band to watch in 2018.

Brooke Hogan




Brooke Hogan has been forging her way in the entertainment industry for nearly 20 years. The blonde bombshell and skilled pianist began her entertainment career at 13. Her career and life were chronicled on VH1's top-rated show Hogan Knows Best, and her hit spin-off, Brooke Knows Best, reaching millions of viewers in over 110 countries. Brooke wrote and recorded the theme song for Brooke Knows Best, and a portion of the musical score work used for both shows.



hip hop

Born on Vancouver Island, JusJAE started making music at 16 years old. He was initially motivated to make music to help get through some personal difficulties, and eventually realized the power it has to help other people going through issues of their own.

Nick Beezy



hip hop

Nick Beezy is an American singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, CA. Born to a Japanese mother and an English father, Nick Beezy lived through an unconventional childhood but forged his way out of the struggle. He is rapidly becoming a force in the Hip Hop community.


As a Television production company, Crank TV develops the best new emerging TV entertainment. Crank TV promises to cultivate content ranging from riveting dramas, heartfelt reality shows, and side-spitting comedies.

The Philanthropist



pre production

The Philanthropist is a television show where people with causes from around the world come to pitch their concept before a panel of five renowned philanthropists for a chance to secure their patronage. The show encapsulates numerous aspects of empathy and offers profound insights into themes that people aspire to bring forth—insights that might remain concealed without this platform.


Crank Films is a film production company that delivers original and quality content that brings cinematic dreams to life. Crank Films produces higher budget projects across a rich array of genres.

Unchain My Heart


my heart

pre production

A modern-day Joe Cocker seemingly channels the original Cocker's mannerisms and accent. Shrouded in mystery, nobody knows where Joe came from or who he really is. On the streets, he is simply Joe from Sheffield but on stage, he becomes Joe Cocker. All questions are quickly quelled by Joe's insane talent. Seemingly content touring underground clubs, Joe bumps into Sadie, a low-level record-label executive living on the knife-edge of guilt and depression.

These two wounded souls hit it off until Joe's singing goes viral, releasing internal demons that threaten what had been a wonderful whirlwind romance. Drugs and alcohol soon fuel the same self-inflicted struggle the real Cocker faced through the 70s.

Indi Flicks

Things We Did
After School

In Development

Inspired by his grandfather's childhood "memory", an impressionable boy and his best friend embark on a quest to find a magic mountain that promises a peek at Heaven.

IGWT Films

In God We Trust (IGWT) is an independent film production company that specializes in faith-based films. IGWT aims to explore the profound connection between cinema and spirituality.





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